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"Welcome. I’m Ryan Carrus, CFP®, CAIA℠, CDFA, AR Insurance License #287800, an independent agent specializing in fixed annuities & indexed-annuities, I understand that today’s financial markets are complex and always changing, making it difficult for people to feel confident with their investments or financial strategy. My goal is to serve as an objective advisor that clients can trust to provide unbiased advice and honest guidance.


Working closely with clients, I seek to build long-term relationships with them and educate them on opportunities available to them. As an independent agent, I have the freedom to choose from a wide range of annuity carriers based on my clients’ unique needs.


I believe that every person unique and deserves to feel confident with their finances. I can help you organize and prioritize your financial objectives and analyze your current portfolio’s ability to help you pursue those objectives. Contact me today to learn about how I may be able to help you make your financial goals a reality."

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Why Investors Purchase

Fixed & Indexed Annuities

Because they can no longer stand stock market risk and uncertainty; they need a safe, guaranteed investment 1


Because they need to earn a higher rate of return than their local bank is currently paying them 2


Because they are tired of paying high advisory fees or commissions for poor investment account performance 3


Because they need tax deferral 4


1 All contract guarantees depend on the financial stability of the insurance carrier.

2 Fixed and Indexed Annuities are not FDIC Insured, are not obligations of any bank, and may lose value.

3 Withdrawals taken prior to the annuitant reaching age 59.5 may be subject to an additional 10% tax penalty.

4 There are no additional tax benefits purchasing an annuity within an IRA account since most IRA’s are already tax-deferred retirement vehicles.