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Annuity Rates

Keep in mind that rates usually correlate negativeley with insurance carrier ratings. In other words, the lower the carrier rating, the higher the rate. Rates also depend on amount of premium. Call for rates on premiums <$250k.

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Annuity Rates

Many Indexed carriers allow changes to the crediting method every 1-3 years, depending on strategy selected. For example, in contract year one, you could start out with an interest payment based on the performance of the S&P 500(subject to a cap) and then the next year, you could move into a fixed rate and then back to the index crediting method in the subsequent years.



Term-Length of contract in years.

Fixed Rate-Interest rate the annuity company will pay over the specified term.

Contract Minimum-The minimum amount of money required to begin an annuity contract.


Annual Index Cap-Because your money is not invested in the index, the annuity company may cap, or limit the rate of interest you earn if the underlying index performs well.


Premium Bonus-Added at contract inception. Bonus products help jump start your earnings but are usually paid in exchange for lower index and fixed rates.


Index-Indexed annuity returns are based on the performance of a market index. Many use the S&P 500. Keep in mind this is ONLY for interest crediting purposes only and does not mean your money is invested in the index!



*Please call for carrier specific information & terms. All data subject to change at any time without notice.

Seek complete details and the suitability of any product from a qualified licensed insurance professional.

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"Guaranteed Yield to Surrender" expresses the annualized return on premium, assuming no withdrawals, based on interest credited on a guaranteed basis, for the duration of the surrender period.

"Current Yield to Surrender" expresses the annualized return on premium, assuming no withdrawals, based on a current “base rate” issued by the carrier for the duration of the surrender period

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